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​OMRON Solution Partners (OSP) act as preferred Integrators, following OMRON​ standards in quality of service, company ethics and respect for society.​ 

OSP System Integrators are engineering companies highly qualified in OMRON Technologies.

In collaboration with OMRON, our Strategic Partners use our products and technology to​ accelerate the innovation of industrial automation solutions to cover the demands of End​ Users across important markets including Digital, Food and Commodities, Medical,​ Pharma, Automotive and Warehouse Logistics automation.​ ​

In combination with our Omron Automation Centers and Omron Logistics 4.0 Solution Development Centre, OMRON Solution Partners can offer Proof of Concept demos to find​ the right solution for your application.​ ​

These companies provide global solutions, from initial design and consultation, through​ system development, to installation, commissioning and after-sales support. They use​ innovative technologies such as mobile and collaborative robots, innovative – automation, vision,​ traceability, industrial communications, artificial intelligence and advanced sensors.​

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