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Standalone, Collaborative or Mobile. We’ve got it all to
cover every aspect to move your application into top gear.

Omron knows what it takes to succeed in today’s manufacturing climate. Our solutions use a combination of robots, software and integrated control architecture to make your tasks more efficient. From speed, safety, quality and beyond, we provides the solutions you need for success.

Robotic Solutions

Semiconductors & Electronics
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
Logistics & Warehouse Automation
Medical & Pharmaceutical

Latest Products

LD conveyer

Robotics Family

Articulated Robots

The speed and precision of Omron’s Articulated Robots robot makes them ideal for operations requiring fast and precise automation

Collaborative Robot
Collaborative Robots

Omron’s collaborative robots are easy to train on new tasks and capable of adapting to a wide variety of application needs.

Mobile Robot
Mobile Robots

Omron solves a variety of materials transport issues with its innovative mobile robots that self-navigate throughout dynamic environments.

Parallel Robots

Omron Quattro robot excels at high-speed application in packaging, manufacturing, assembly, and material handling.

SCARA Robots

Omron’s SCARA Robot Series offers a compact system footprint, saving valuable floor space while minimising installation costs and complexity.

Robotic Software

Our fully integrated software enhances productivity by combining control, safety motion and more into a single software architecture and development environment.

Robotic Controller

Powerful and easy-to-use robotic solutions that help manufacturers achieve their automation goals.

Part Feeder

Omron’s intelligent part feeding solutions help keep your robotic applications as efficient as possible even on flexible production lines.

CAD Library

Download 2D & 3D CAD files here for accurate visualization of our robots.

Software Update

Update your Robotic Software here with the latest version.

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Success Stories

Smart Robotics Enable Flexible Production of Rapid Coronavirus Antibody Tests at Senova

The coronavirus crisis has caused untold damage to the personal health and finances of people throughout the world, as well as damaging national economies. However, industry has been able to play a key role in developing solutions that can mitigate the crisis.

OMRON Cobot – CNC Machine Tending with Industry 4.0 solutions.

Watch how Omron’s solution can transform a manufacturing line to be Industry 4.0 ready. It demonstrates traceability and work-in-progress tracking with a digital dashboard on precision parts manufacturing applications.

Experience OMRON Robots

Discover firsthand how Omron Robots can help your company to expand further, through our Automation Centre and Robots Arena.

Enter into the Virtual Tour of OMRON Automation center (ATC) in Singapore. Immerse yourself into the innovation showroom and R&D facility that’s completely dedicated to exploring the use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics technologies for manufacturing applications.

Visit ATC Website

Robots ARena is a new AR app from OMRON that helps you visualise our robots in your production facility. With various changeable payloads, these life-size robots can be manoeuvred around with simple controls on your smart device.

Download for free on the Apple Store or Google Play Store today!

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