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Omron helps mayonnaise manufacturer ensure quality and raise production by 35% with plant upgrade

A division of Japan’s leading manufacturer of mayonnaise and related products required significant upgrades to its plant in order to meet the parent company’s requirements for quality, safety and efficiency. The parent company designated Omron as the automation partner to support the development of a world-class manufacturing operation. Together with Omron, a multi-phase upgrade plan was created to transform the plant from a predominantly manual operation to an automated operation.

The parent company identified several process improvement areas that the manufacturer must implement before being allowed to manufacture products carrying the parent company’s brand. The plan focuses on improving safety, product quality and efficiency while eliminating operator errors and minimizing product waste.

The manufacturer will be required to add new equipment, relocate existing equipment, renew several control panels, automate multiple processes and implement plant networking and equipment monitoring, among other things.

This solution provides the following benefits:

  • Enables the manufacturer to produce items carrying the parent company’s brand
  • Minimizes operator errors by replacing several manual tasks with automation
  • Brings production capacity up to the desired level
  • Improves product quality and consistency

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