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Novel Automation System Doubles Tasco’s Output Capacity

The challenge was to reduce packaging for fresh vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower, and minimize packaging-related throughput losses — while increasing output.

Bruising of the product and overshoot of the packaged product weight were common problems associated with the previous manual system.

The solution was an automated system incorporating an existing multi-head weigher combined with a conveyor and bagging machine. An Omron PLC selects the optimum combination of produce from 15 possible weighing-pans to pack the contents as close as possible to the target weight.

System benefits:

  • Precise pack weight
  • Product bruising eliminated
  • Quick check of parameters
  • Instant switching between single/mixed products
  • Powerful diagnostics

The system not only enables fast checking of all important parameters, including pack weight, but has also increases the operating speed, which was previously limited by the weighing system. Moreover, the Omron PLC and HMI enable powerful diagnostics that minimize downtime in the event of a machine failure.

Industrial Automation

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