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OMRON levels up its game in robotics with OMRON Robots ARena

Our excitement knows no bounds and we are immensely glad to share with you all that OMRON Robots ARena- the first-of-its-kind augmented reality-based application for OMRON Mobile Robots – is now ready!

The new Robots ARena viewer from OMRON can be used to place a mobile robot in any environment. And with the help of some simple controls on either a tablet or a smartphone, this application allows users to drive the robots and visualize how they can be positioned to carry out tasks.

Visualize how robots move around your real-life production facility with various payloads. The virtual robots are exactly the same size as the real ones so you can visualize accurately whether the robots can fit or navigate in tight spaces at your facility.

We are confident that the new app has got all it takes to strike the right ‘virtual’ chords with our customers to help them visualize and take the right step in their journey towards creating a “Happy Factory” based on a joyful, productive, and creative human-robot harmony.

The App is available free of charge on both Google Play store and Apple Store. Have a go at it and experience OMRON’s robot for yourself.

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