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Same as manufacturing industry today, the medical industry – whether referring to clinical diagnostics, medical device manufacturing or the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals – is facing the challenges of tighter regulation, and the trend of increased automation, particularly in laboratory.

Both challenges are primarily safety-driven and sharing the same goal of helping patients to get faster and more accurate diagnoses. To achieve this, Traceability is the primary vehicle for the success.

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Why Traceability & Serialization Matter?
Let us explore the challenges for manufacturers today:

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The medical device industry is familiar with the scrutiny of regulatory organizations, but compliance requirements have increased significantly in recent years. In order to comply to the new regulations, medical device manufacturers are under pressure to significantly upgrade their device traceability practices which involve costs and changes on technology used.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are at risk to brand reputation damage, material waste, and loss of customers due to product recalls issue which usually caused by mislabeling errors. Logistical costs may increase exponentially depending on how prepared the manufacturer is to deal with the recall.

It is not simply a case of taking money away from licensed manufacturers; falsified medicines may contain active ingredients which are of bad quality or are in the wrong dose – either too high or too low. Without the proper evaluations on their quality, safety and efficacy, such counterfeit drugs could represent a genuine health hazard.

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OMRON Traceability Solution Through Serialization

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To address these challenges, OMRON offers a robust traceability solution for inspecting, aggregating, managing and exchanging serialised data in the factory internal packaging process.

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By placing a serialized code on each product package, manufacturers can ensure the authenticity of products and provide all the necessary assurances to their customers. It helps manufacturers to meet labelling requirements, protecting them from product recalls and ensuring consumer safety.

Our Values

Our Values

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Omron strives to make traceability as easy as possible, just as it strives to make its machine vision technology intuitive enough for the average operator to use. It addresses various pain points that manufactures face in the food and beverage packaging industry so that real-time, automated traceability is easy to achieve.

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Omron has a long history of partnership with manufacturers of clinical diagnostics equipment and has developed an expertise in integrating readers and machine vision systems into custom solutions for the laboratory.

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