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Mobile Manipulator
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Omron's solutions promote harmony on the factory floor through improvements in safety, speed and efficiency driven by AI programs that learn from processes on a daily basis. Humans can safely interact with Omron's collaborative and mobile robots, which are designed to adapt to workers' needs.

In the factory of the future, humans and machines will work together to meet demands for flexibility, customization, complete product traceability and a higher standard of worker safety.

Challenges Faced in Manufacturing

Have you experience these issue in your processes?


Each aspect of your manufacturing needs to be carefully regulated and monitored. Trying to identify the source of the issue is likely to expend time and resources.

Labour Issues

Although automation and robotics can help fill the labor gap, human capabilities will still be needed to analyze and solve problems as well as manage outputs.

Human Error

As technology advances, human error in manufacturing becomes more and more visible every day.

Clean Environment

When it comes to sensitive advanced electronics, companies cannot risk any particulate contamination.

Flexibility with Fleet Management

The OMRON Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) solution provides an intelligent fleet management system that monitors mobile robot locations, traffic flow, and job requests, ensuring your factory operates at peak efficiency.

It makes mobile robot fleet setup and maintenance a snap. Combined with an intuitive, visual interface, it is easy to define jobs, map routes, monitor each robot’s status and adapt to facility changes.

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