LD UVC Product

Product Specifications

• Safe solution
• Global standard UVC Lamp used
• Natural-feature navigation: Automatically plans routes to prevent collisions
• Easy deployment: Short installation time and no facility modifications


Ordering Information

Appearance Product Name Part Number
LD UVC KIT000001P*
Battery 20452-000
UVC Dose Indicator
(Pack of 10)

*No Battery included

UVC Lamp Model TRSP023
Number of Individual Lamps 8 x 33 inch
Individual Lamp Wattage 40W
Rated Life 10,000 hrs
Pre-Programmed Cycle 3 pre-programmed disinfection cycle times

UV Exposure (μJ/cm²) at Specified Distances

Time/radius 609mm 914mm 1524mm 3048mm
1 min 124,000 65,000 24,000 6,000
15 min 1,860,000 975,000 360,000 90,000
30 min 3,720,000 1,950,000 720,000 180,000
45 min 5,580,000 2,925,000 1,080,000 270,000
1 Hour 7,440,000 3,900,000 1,440,000 360,000
2 Hours 14,880,000 7,800,000 2,880,000 720,000

The above chart is offered as a reference point, using fresh lamps and does not account for ojects physically blocking UV ray transmission.

LD UVC Robot

Drive Train
Drive Wheels 2 grey non-marking foam-filled rubber
Wheel diameter 200 x 50 mm (7.9 x 2.0 in.) nominal
Passive Casters 2 front, 2 rear, spring-loaded
Brakes 2 (one each axle)
Steering Differential
Run-time 15 hours for robot movement / 3.5 hours for UV operation
Duty cycle 80%
Voltage 22-30 VDC
Weight 20 kg (44 lb)
Capacity 72 Ah
Energy 1.84 kWh norminal
Recharge time 4 hours, approx.
Life span Approximately 2000 cycles
Safety Scanning Laser 1 at front of platform 200 mm (7.9 in.) height, above floor 240°, 15m range, Class 1, eye-safe PLd Safety per ISO-13849
Side Lasers Total quantity: 2 1 on the left side; 1 on the right side
Low Front Laser 1 in bumber (for low lying obstacles)
Sonar (Each sonar is one emitter and one receiver, working together) 2 at rear of platform, 2m range
Position encoders 2 encoders (one each wheel)
2 x Hall sensors (one each wheel)
Analog gyroscope (Techi core) 320°/sec max rotation
Bumper 1 at front of platform


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Dimensions : 60mm x 90mm

This is used to increase the efficiency of UV disinfection processes by running shorter cycle times, and providing real-time results.

Color changes at various energy levels, which correlates with a log reduction of microbiology samples (e.g. MRSA and C. difficile).

Measures specific wavelengths of UVC radiation.

Has been tested in laboratory and hospital environments in the United States, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.