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OEP-HQ is proud to announce the inaugural APPCON to be held on 23 October 2019. This is a conference, convention and competition rolled into one, and aims to showcase and share OEP-G’s technical capability to produce innovative solutions for the customers in our region and beyond. The key highlights of this exciting event are:

8 Technical Presentations

Keynote speech

Code Chasers Competition


Panel discussion

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Venkata Reddy Kasu (Cheif Architect, C-Level Advisor & CTO Office APJ) from Cisco Systems will share his insights.

Speaker Bio: Mr. Kasu has over 20 years of global IT experience as Architect, Advisor and CTO with strong customer relationships at the executive level worldwide. He is an innovative thinker with broad-based expertise in next generation architecture transformations. As Chief Architect in the CTO office, he is responsible for driving architecture transformations around the digital economy including cloud advisory, 5G, IOT, and converged wireless architectures.

Best Presentation

Mouseover the tabbed menu for the detailed information:

Only OMRON Employee with technical roles are eligible to participate (with max 4 member). Specifically:

  • Application Engineers (AE)
  • Field Application Engineers (FAE)
  • Sales Engineers (technical)
  • Service Engineers
  • Sales Engineers (Non-technical)
  • Product Marketing

Note: For instance, for a project that uses robots, PLC and vision, one member could be an expert with robots, one is a PLC programmer and the third a vision specialist. But only 1 person will represent the team to talk about the project at APPCON and must be prepared to answer technical questions on the other areas that he/she may not be responsible for.

One Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be awarded (up to 4 engineers per team).

Note: 1 member from the Gold award winning team represents OEP at the Global Conference on Automation Application Technology (GCAAT) 2019 in Shanghai, China on 19 Nov 2019, where other OEX’s will be demonstrating their most innovative technical applications.

Project should be presented in a technical nature (different from Immozuru) and contain things like: algorithms, system architecture, function block descriptions, etc.

No Criteria Score (%) Description
1 Innovativeness 40 How unique and innovative the solution is, within OMRON as well as within industry. What is the innovation with existing products vs new products?
2 innovative–Automation 25 How much of OMRON’s innovative-Automation concept of Intelligent, Integrated and Interactive applications being adopted.
3 Potential impact 15 Measure of how well application was adopted or has potential to be adopted locally, regionally or globally
4 General Documentation 20
Technical note has to be clear, concise, illustrative with good technical writing demonstrated

Below are the information about travel sponsorship by OMRON

Who Covers APPCON 2019
(for each of the 8 presenters)
GCAAT 2019
(for 1 member of Gold award team)
Flight NSC (from NSC to Singapore) ATC (from NSC to Shanghai)
Hotel ATC (2 nights: 22-23 Oct) ATC (2 nights: 18-19 Nov)
Others (transport, allowance etc) NSC NSC

Competition Timelines are as follow

Note: Each NSC leader should have access to your country’s TKS site and will be able to grant access to their members to upload notes.

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