Countdown to APPCON 2019


OEP-HQ is proud to announce the inaugural APPCON to be held on 23 October 2019. This is a conference, convention and competition rolled into one, and aims to showcase and share OEP-G’s technical capability to produce innovative solutions for the customers in our region and beyond. The key highlights of this exciting event are:

8 Technical Presentations

Keynote speech

Code Chasers Game


For the 8 Finalists

Best Presentation

Mouseover the tabbed menu for the detailed information:

Swami Vangal-Ramamurthy [OEP-HQ | GM ATC]

Too Horng-Cheng Too [OEP-HQ | APAC Marketing]

Karthigeyan Vadivel [OEP-HQ | Services Business Development]

Gai-Kit Chiang [OEP-HQ | APAC Marketing]

Philip Yeo [OEP-HQ | APAC Marketing]

Category Description
Background (20%) Background of Customer and Industry including their internal/external challenges
Problem introduction and approach taken to solve
Solution (35%) Description of Solution
Innovation in the Solution
Benefits (25%) Improvement to customer’s KPI (Team can specify this KPI, like cost reduction, throughput or OEE)
Benefits to the customer (qualitative)
Potential (10%) Potential impact of solution to be adopted outside this application (Team needs to talk to sales)
Further development of solution
Knowledge of Subject (5%) Ability to handle the Q&A session
Presentation Skill (5%) Timeliness
Oral delivery
Visual delivery

Detailed Criteria can be downloaded here

*NOTE on time allocation

  • 15 minutes for presentation
  • 10 minutes for Q&A

One Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be awarded (up to 4 engineers per team).

Note: 1 member from the Gold award winning team represents OEP at the Global Conference on Automation Application Technology (GCAAT) 2019 in Shanghai, China on 19 Nov 2019, where other OEX’s will be demonstrating their most innovative technical applications.

Business Attire

Jacket is recommended.

For men, ties are optional.

Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore

403 Havelock Road Singapore 169632

Phone: +65 6733 0011


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Below are the information about travel sponsorship by OMRON

Who Covers APPCON 2019
(for each of the 8 presenters)
GCAAT 2019
(for 1 member of Gold award team)
Flight NSC (from NSC to Singapore) ATC (from NSC to Shanghai)
Hotel ATC (2 nights: 22-23 Oct) ATC (2 nights: 18-19 Nov)
Others (transport, allowance etc) NSC NSC

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