Program Highlights
23 Oct 2019 (Wednesday)

8:00 - 8:30 Registration
8:30 - 8:40
Opening Speech
Swami Ramamurthy | OEP-HQ
GM, Automation Technology Centre  
8:40 - 9:30
Keynote Speech: The Transforming Digitalization Landscape

As Industry 4.0 marches forward, there are a host of new solutions and shifting dynamics to how hardware and features are changing the way providers need to show value in this competitive market of automation. Mechanical automation is moving towards a commodity and the currency to exchange for this is in terms of data. 5G is being marketed as the bullet train of data transmission, IIoT continues to decrease in price and increase in accuracy. The core focus is slowly shifting from a single plant to multiple plants and global supply chains where integration and APIs are now the key towards interoperability and inter connectivity between manufacturers, suppliers and customers. This means we're not talking just about connected factories, but inter-connected factories globally and inter-woven supply chains across many countries and regions driving the next wave of manufacturing innovation. Let's dive in during our talk to making sure we don't miss the train in this fast paced transformation.
About the Presenter
Wilson Deng | Arcstone Pte. Ltd.
Founder & CEO

Willson Deng Founder and CEO Arcstone Pte. Ltd An industrial engineer by trade , Willson has implemented improvement projects in manufacturing industries ranging from aeronautics to smart meters, wineries, gourme t chocolates, glass production and pharmaceuticals . He founded Arcstone in 2013, after he had been designing production simulation so ftware for the world’s largest bio - manufacturers. Focused on blending machine and human operations, he developed the Arcstone Operations Platform (arc.ops) to efficiently provide visibility, control and optimi s ation to a massive range of industries . The platform enables companies to automate, integrate and streamline entire processes within a facility at fractions of market cost. He continues to drive a data - centric man ufacturing revolution in Southe ast Asia , encouraging like - minded comp anies to upend the status quo for man ufacturing enterprise solutions through the Singapore Manufacturing Consortium (SIMCO) . Willson holds a MSc from INSEAD Business School and a BS in Industrial Engineering from UC Berkeley. He received For bes ’ 30 Under 30 Asia A ward in 2016 and is heavily active as an Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Transformation speaker globally.
9:30 - 10:00

Stella B. Laksono


IOT Platform for OEE Monitoring
Loss and waste identification were very critical for Unilever Savory Manufacturing. Unilever Savory Manufacturing needs an automated data collection with high accuracy from dry packaging machine (for Royco Product) and wet packaging machine (for Kecap Bango Product) where data must be collected to ensure proper action plan on measuring and improving the production process. Additionally, the system must be aligned with a decision tree which was defined by the customer, and web-based interactive data monitoring was also added to show manufacturing performance.
About the Presenter
Stella Benedicta Laksono is a dedicated expert in IoT and AI OMRON products, she is also experienced in Vision products such as FH series, FQ series and Microscan. Other than Unilever, Stella has successfully contributed IoT Platform application for OEE monitoring in G-TEKT. On weekend, Stella loves to sketch human portrait and read books (her favorite author is Neil Gaiman and George Orwell).
10:00 - 10:15 Break
10:15 - 10:45

Sivakumar B.


Tafe - Farm Tractor Assembly Machines
Tafe Manufacturer of Farm Tractors started in the year 1960, to evolve to the demanding Modern agriculture, has partnered with Omron for Automation to develop a new tractor manufacturing plant in Turkey with complete traceability of vehicle & its child parts which is IoT ready. The tractor manufacturing runs through 34 individual machines which has  NX1P2 machine controller, NYP IPC with NS-Runtime for Visualization, 1S servo for motion control, safety light curtain & G9SE for operator safety. There is also a .NET application specially developed for TAFE which is more interactive to the operator by displaying the machine assembly procedure video based on the barcode scanned.  Machines are split into two layouts and connected to NJ Database controllers for complete line traceability.
About the Presenter
Sivakumar B has completed Bachelor of technology in Mechatronics and he is an innovative solution architect in automation field for the past 9 Years and working for Omron as a Senior Application Engineer for the last 2 Years.
Skills: Fixed Robots, Mobile Robots, Cobots, Traceability & IIOT, Quality & Safety Interests: Robotics Application, Cobots Application
Achievements: Imozuru award for Tafe Farm tractor assembly machines, Imozuru award for Nokia-AIV First AIV application in India, Imozuru award for Solution of Electrical Nut runners, TOGA Challenger award for Solution of Electrical Nut runners.
10:45 - 11:15

Lionel Hum


Integrated Robotics Sorting & Measurement Machine Cell
I will introduce an integrated robotics sorting and measurement system to automate the sorting of a variety of flat spring models. This automated machine cell is integrated with Anyfeeder, eCobra, eViper and Hybrid IPC and provides a seamless pick & place with sorting to improve productivity as well as handle manpower shortage.
About the Presenter

Hi, my name is Lionel Hum. I joined in 2008.​ I am from OEP-SG’s Control and Robotics Sales department in 2008. My role is to promote Omron sensing and control components, like measurement sensors and safety devices. ​

I am a Digital Account Management leader and use the ATC facility as a key weapon to provide an integrated industry value solution, invite and coordinate customers visitation and carry out proof of concept to solve customer’s problems. ​

My interests are to increase customer’s productivity and reduce customer’s wastage. ​

My achievements include being awarded a Silver for IMOZURU and a Bronze for the TOGA competition.

11:15 - 11:45

Christopher Free


Induction Hardening Machine, Omron CNC Solution
Contained within this presentation is an overview of the customer and what they wanted to achieve, and the group of people that was able to achieve it. I will talk about the difficulties we came across, such as 4+1 axes control, rotary gantry control and CNC operators customization and how we overcame these problems. Finally, I will outline what issues remain and the benefit of overcoming these issues for the customer and Omron.
About the Presenter
Started with Omron in 2017 as a part of the internship program learning and gaining experience from fellow Engineers Yang and Nicolas. Upon starting my main interests were around robotics and computer vision as my Bachelors degree is in Mechatronics, with Second Major in Robotics.   Since I have started I have become more and more involved with the technical side of Omron's vision system offerings, supporting customers and assisting in projects.
During my time at Omron I have developed skills around vision systems, developing vision test reports for customer applications, programming PLCS and HMIs, as well as programming across the robotics range.
One of the major achievements I have accomplished during my time at Omron is; Assisting an End User in the upgrade of a large scale vision system.
11:45 - 12:15

Irfan Khan


Single Axis Solar Tracker
Global warming has increased the demand and request for efficient green energy produced by renewable sources such as solar power has increased. Energy produced by solar panels depends upon sun rays intensity and angle of incidence.​ The Sun’s position in the sky changes with the seasons and the time of day which causes efficiency to reduce.​ Our Omron based intelligent solar trackers solution uses a Solar Position Algorithm(SPA) to calculate the real time sun position in the sky to orient solar panels to minimize the angle of incidence.  As a result the efficiency increased up to 25% compare to a fixed installation. 
About the Presenter
Myself Irfan Khan, did Bachelors of Engineering in Electronic and working for Omron India as a senior application engineer for last 5 years and have total experience of more then 8 years in field of Industrial Automation.
Skills: CX-One, Sysmac, Vision and robotics
Interests: Motion application and various communication protocol.
Achievements: Imozuru award for Tablet press machine. Toga award for Clean room application. Challenger award for Universal solar tracker solution. Special recognition award for HUL Vision application. Imozuru award for Water treatment plant automation.
12:15 - 13:15 Lunch
13:15 - 13:45

David Shalavin


Automated Visual Inspection of Aerosol Valve Components
Aerosol valves feature precision molded nylon components - stem and housing - that regulate aerosol flow, and prevent contents from escaping during storage. Critical dimensions must be tightly controlled through extensive and time-consuming manual quality inspection to avoid costly customer recalls. The customer spends an estimated $300k USD per year on labor for inspection of aerosol components on a 24/7 production schedule. The existing quality control operation is highly dependent on a small number of highly skilled staff. New quality control staff require months of training. Human error can result in recalls that cost millions of dollars to the company. The customer seeks a solution to reduce labor costs, and alleviate business risk related to staff turnover and customer recalls. We present a novel automated visual inspection system which replaces ALL of the existing manual quality inspection and logging processes. Mechanical design completed by partner OEM Applied Robotics.
About the Presenter
My name is David Shalavin. I am an Application Engineer at Omron in Sydney. My key focus areas are OAT robotics, servos, FH vision and NJ PLC programming. I am most interested in novel and challenging robotic and vision applications. This project is one of my major achievements within my role at Omron. As far as I know, the project is a world first in the aerosol industry, and represents significant business value for the end customer.  
13:45 - 14:15

Eka Sungkawa


Smart & collaborative material handling is one of the solutions to transferring material from one location to another. In this application, we are not only transferring the material itself, but also we make the process of transferring material more efficient and safer.  In this process, our customer has several problems such as manual work, human error and missing data during the material transferring process.  Hence based on this issue, they want to improve their process with an automatic material handling with traceability system.  In this project, I offered a concept to automate their material handling using our Mobile robot combined with TM12M to do the material handling process
About the Presenter
Hi, my name is Eka Sungkawa. I joined OEP-ID in 2018 as ATC Application Design Dept, and my role is mostly related with robot POC and application at the customer. 
14:15 - 14:45

Jason Chai


Security Patrol Robots
I will introduce a robot that moves along walkways and warns vehicles that should not be waiting at an unauthorised area.  With the assistance of the Patrol and Traffic Enforcement Robot (PeTER), security officers are able to be assigned to attend other urgent matters.  Our role is to harmonize the multidisciplinary aspect of technology using solutions such as 3D lidar Sensor with robotic navigation system thus achieving the compliance needed for the Security and Safety.
About the Presenter
I joined OEP-SG in 2018 and graduated with a Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management (DESM) from Republic Polytechnic.  I am currently pursing a B.Tech at NUS. My daily role is to provide technical support and training to end users. My interest are in robotics and control related applications for customers.  I have also won the Bronze award for Imozuru. 
14:45 - 14:50
Code Chasers Game Brief
Sim Wee Lee | OEP-HQ
Manager (Machine Vision), ATC
“Codes are a puzzle. A game, just like any other game. Unless in communicating with it one says exactly what one means, trouble is bound to result.” Quotes from Alan Turing

Welcome to the inaugural APPCON 2019. Three teams will pit their wits against one another in the quest to become the first Code Chaser to decipher our mystery code. Ready, set, go…….
14:50 - 15:05 Tea Break
15:05 - 17:05 Code Chasers Hands-on Game
Venue: ATC, ATP B
17:05 - 17:30 Networking Break
17:30 - 18:00 Award Ceremony and Photo-taking


The Hub at ATP
438C Alexandra Road
Level 3, Function Room
Singapore, 119976

* This will be the venue for all activities except for Code Chasers Hands-on Competition.

Thank You!